DyeBoo’s story so far.

What We Do

DYEBOO sources art from artists with autism to create unique products for you to enjoy. 

The Artist will earn a commission for every product sold with their design – creating the opportunity for both recognition and revenue for the Artist. 

We offer opportunities for you to make a difference in the lives of artists with autism, from the t-shirts you wear, the bags you carry and the decor in your home.

Why Art?

Art is creative, expressive and therapeutic. Many on the autism spectrum use art to communicate and as a means of expression. 

Their art gives us an insight into their mind and their unique perspective of the world. Art gives them a voice.

About Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism can present lifelong challenges which can impact a person’s ability for creativity, expression, communication and self-regulation. 

Dyeboo is here to help them get their art out to the world where they will get validation for their creativity and artistic ability.

Work with us?

Our Partners

Bittersweet Farms’ Creative Arts Program and pARTners Project Studio work with artists who want to make art as part of their professional livelihoods.

DYEBOO creates products displaying images from the Studio artists.

Bittersweet Farms’ website http://www.bittersweetfarms.org/services/vocational/creative-arts/

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